Our history

Shinji's roots date back to the 2000s where the founders got to know each other. Here they found common ground in passion for martial arts. Different people with different backgrounds and yet a shared vision. In 2017, Shinjientertainment was started by its founders with the aim of connecting the East and the West by mixing cultural arts together and turning it into a spectacle. Because of the backgrounds and interests, Bruce Lee's motto was adopted: "Under heaven we are one family"


Our team consists of artists who have years of experience and expertise in Asian entertainment. We have a wide range of varied shows, where the quality and spectacle of our acts are of the highest importance. Our artists are professionals and their experience and specialism enables them to perform at the highest level. We can provide tailor-made entertainment that is customised to the type of company party, anniversary, wedding, opening or event. Our team ensures that the total picture looks correct and that unforgettable memories will be created. Our mission is to connect Eastern cultures with the West. We try to achieve this by providing both authentic Asian and non-Asian entertainment.

This is us!

In short, authentic, professionalism, on time, in full! But hey, every ~post-graduate can write a nice formal and businesslike text. We believe in no nonsense. Delivering quality, being on time, communicating well and preparing well. We are a team that takes good care of each other, so that we can perform with pleasure and skill. We focus on the long-term relationship with both the artists and clients. Are the artists happy? Then the client is often also satisfied and we as Shinji Entertainment are happy!

As artist you are part of the Shinji family!

We think it is important that a team of artists reinforce and complement each other. That is why Shinji organizes annual team outings, to which all regular artists are invited. The core of Shinji originated more than 10 years ago and has grown and become closer over the years. All artists are part of the crew, the family!

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