Thai Dance

Experience the elegance and grace of Thai dance, a beautiful expression of this culture!

Traditional Thai dance has a rich and fascinating lineage dating back to ancient times. It is deeply rooted in Thai culture and has evolved as an essential part of religious rituals, festivals and royal ceremonies.

Every movement in Thai dance has deep symbolism and meaning. It's all about elegance, precision and harmony. The dancers use their entire bodies - hands, feet, fingers and even facial expressions - to express emotions and stories. The choreography is complex and requires years of training and discipline. It is not only a form of entertainment, but also a way to pay respect to gods, ancestors and royalty.


Thai Dance


  • Thai dance (Ram Thai) is characterized by slow, graceful hypnotic hand movements.
  • Dance with a strong Thai character, which immediately dresses up an Asian theme evening.
  • The dancers are beautifully dressed in traditional Thai costumes.
  • Possibly as a background or foreground in combination with other services such as the Thai massage demo.