The hypnotising spectacle of the dragondance team!

The Dragon is a powerful symbol in China and is assosiated worldwide with Chinese culture. they are often huge and intimidating. The Dragon represents a supernatural power, prosperity, dignity, wisdom and is believed to bring good fortune. The Dragondance envokes the spirit of the dragon, bringing with it, it's good fortune and scaring away evil spirits. The longer the dragon, the more skill is required to perform a harmonious dance and the more fortune it will bring.




  • Dragondance is perfromed by dancers who carry the dragon on poles.
  • The dragon can consist of 5 to 13 segments, each having an assigned dancer.
  • By coördinating the dance as a team, it brings the dragon to life with its flowing sideways and up and down motions
  • Often a dancer will walk infront of the dragon, luring it with "the pearl of wisdom" sybolising it's eternal quest for knowledge and wisdom.