Dragondance Workshop

Experiance how a dragondance is performed. Great for teambuilding!

How heavy is a dragon? What makes it move around in elegant fashion? How dificult is it to make it look like it is flowing through the air? Our workshop wil let you learn this firsthand. It might look difficult, but Dragondancing is verry beginner friendly and a challanging way to cooperate together to make harmonious motions. The dragon consists of 7 sections, each of which have to coördinate with eachother to get the dragon to move fluently. Shinji will show various techniques and aid workshop participants to learn some basic Dragondance movements. From 7 to 14 persons.

For Teambuilding exercises, Shinji offers a unique concept of Dragondancing to strengthen teams in businesses. The Shinji core team consists of various proffesionals in the busines world with varied specialised backgrounds. Shinji members understand the importance of solid teamwork in both our busines practises aswell as performing. Dragondancing puts a strain on teamwork, testing coöperation and drawing parralels to everyday businesculture. It draws on elements such as planning, communication, observation and improving efficiency. Each part of the dragon has a rol to fill and the dragon has a purpose, the eternal quest for knowledge and wisdom, chasing the pearl of wisdom. Business culture is not much differant. All employees have a rol to fill and the busines has a goal, (in most cases) satifying the customer.


Dragondance Workshop

The Challenge

During the workshop a few challenges will be presented to the team which have to be overcome by working out a plan en performing it together. Shinji facilitates this by giving advice (consultant) and playing the role of the customer. This workshop is available for a minimum of 7 participants.