Korean Painting Workshop

Get to know Korean culture through a traditional painting workshop.

Minhwa is a traditional form of Korean painting that originated mainly in the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The word "Minhwa" literally means "folk art" and refers to works of art created by common people and not by the aristocracy or the elite. Minhwa paintings are often colorful and vibrant, depicting various themes from Korean culture, such as animals, plants, landscapes, and mythological figures. The paintings are mostly made on rice paper using ink and watercolor.

In the past, Minhwa paintings were used for various purposes such as decoration of houses, accompanying rituals and festivals, and as gifts for important occasions. Today, the traditional art form is still practiced and preserved as an important cultural heritage of Korea.


Korean Painting Workshop


  • The workshop is conducted by our professional Korean painting artist who is trained at Ewha Womans University in Korea.
  • The workshop includes the following materials for the participants: brushes, paint, water bottles and papers.
  • The workshop is possible for a maximum of 10 to 15 participants.