Kungfu / Selfdefence Workshop

Learn the basic principles of self defence.

Is it possible to completely learn selfdefence through one workshop? No, we are not going to sell you nonsence. What you can learn however, is to understand the basic principles of the “fight or flight” response to help you understand how we humans are wired. This will aid you in becoming more capable of saving yourself from dangerous situations. Shinji will familiarise you with a few basic features of a confrontation and what the best steps are on the crucial aspect of the 1st responses. This concept is based on a survival above al mindset. Self control, self preservation, self defence. 10 Person minimum


Selfdefence Workshop


  • Practical basic principles of self defence.
  • Train 1st responce to situations.
  • Possible to combine with Kung-Fu / Wushu workshop.
  • Ages from 16 jaar and older.