Southern Chinese lionndance! Traditional or modern, solo performance or in group.

With a traditional Liondance, the lion is going on a hunt. The most common form is hunting for lettuce, also known as ‘choi chiang’ (get the grean). The lion does this by using traditional kung-fu stances and steps. The traditional liondance form is commonly performed at business openings, weddings or Lunar Newyear blessings.


Modern and freestyle

When performing a freestyle Liondance, the audience can expect many jumps and catlike behaviours. The performers of Shinji Entertainment are trained to perform to live music and adept a free form fitting to the environment and situation. This form is somewhat more expressive than the traditional form which has certain rules the lion must follow.

Liondance group

With a groupform Liondance there are 2 or more lions who will perform a choreography together and interact with eachother by playing, This is possible in both traditional and modern styles.


Parcour Liondance

In China, liondance is often performed on poles and obstacle courses. This increases the degree of difficulty and makes the dance more thrilling. The greater the obstacle challange, the greater the fortune the lion will bring according to the Chinese traditions. Shinji Entertainment tries to use as much of the environment as possible, (interacting with/ontop of furniture for example) The obstacles can be brought by Shinji or can be provided by the customer. Some examples are chairs, tables, balancing balls and such.