Leeuwendans Workshop

Learn how a lion looks from the inside and how demanding a liondance can be.

Always wondered what the inside of a Chinese Lion looks like and how all the movemnt it makes happen? Shinji offers the oppertunity to learn the basics of Liondancing. A lion consists of 2 performers, the head and the tail. Togehter they move harmoniously to form the lion. The movements a lion makes have a traditional background and require tight teamwork of the performers. This workshop demands some endurance, technique and teambuilding.
Does this sound like a nice combination for a workshop? Let us know!
Number of lions depends on the groupsize. From 4 to 20 persons


Leeuwendans Workshop


  • Learn some of the basics of Liondancing
  • Experiance what its like to be inside the lionhead and how it works.
  • Teambuilding by bringing the lion to life with another person.
  • For all ages, for groups starting from 4 to 20 persons.