Martial Arts

Kung-fu, Taekwondo-do kicks and ninja flips! Power, speed and sensation!

Our Martial Arts shows mainly consist of Wushu/Kung-fu forms. Kung-fu is a martial art and has its origin in China. Most people know about this martial-art through movies with famous artists such as Bruce lee, Jacky Chan and Jet Li. This Martial-art is renowned because of its specteculair jumps, kicks and punches which also express various animals. Most comonly know animal styles are Tigerclaw, Crain, Praying Mantis, Snake and Dragon.


Martial Arts


  • Worldclass Wushu performers capable of performing in various styles of handforms aswell as weapons such as spears, swords, sticks and chainwhips.
  • Special LED weapons performance are possible. A strue spectacle in lowlit areas or in the evening.
  • Shows are possible in group form ranging from 3 to 5 performers.
  • Ideal for cultural events or celebrations, fairs, festivals, sports events and Asian themed festivities.