Sleeve Dance

Gracefull, elegant and hypnotising. The sleeve dance is a magical experiance.

水袖 - Water Sleeve

The Chinese sleeve dance originates from Chinese opera and is also called water sleeve. The name comes from the wavy movements that the sleeves make during the dance. The dance originated as an expression from the heart in which the dancer completely goes along with their feelings.


Sleeve Dance


  • Uniquely graceful dance that has a hypnotic effect due to the wavy sleeves.
  • A dance with a strong Chinese character, which immediately set an ambience on an Asian themed evening.
  • Performance largely in solo form. Also possibly in duo or groups.
  • Suitible for both large and small events.
  • Possible as background or foreground in combination with other services such as Erhu, Guzheng or Chinese Music Ensamble.