Turkish Belly Dance

Hypnotic movements and elegant choreography for a sensual experience.

Turkish Belly Dance, also known as "Oriental Dance" or "Raks Sharki", is a beautiful and intriguing form of expressive dance that has its origins in the cultural wealth of Turkey. With its mesmerizing movements, elegance and sensuality, Turkish belly dance has won the hearts of people all over the world.

The movements of our belly dancers are elegant and fluid. They use their whole body, hands and arms down to hips and abs, to create mesmerizing figures and patterns. It's all about emphasizing the female form and expressing emotions through movement. Our dancers display remarkable body control, creating a sense of grace and sensuality that enraptures the audience.


Turkish Belly Dance


  • Use of the whole body, including hands, arms, hips and abs through graceful movements.
  • Dance with a strong Turkish character, which immediately dresses up a theme evening.
  • Rich and decorated costumes with sequins, beads and coins.
  • Mix of traditional and modern elements, integrating influences from other dance styles.