UK Jazz Dance

The swinging moves of UK jazz dance will light up any party!

UK jazz dance is an improvised dance style originating from England around the 1970s. This dance was mainly performed in clubs and gained popularity in London and northern cities of England.UK-jazz dance is een geïmproviseerde dancestyle afkomstig uit Engeland rond de jaren 1970. Deze dans werd voornamelijk in clubs uitgevoerd en kreeg populariteit in Londen en noordelijke steden van Engeland.


UK Jazz Dance


  • UK jazz dance provides an energetic atmosphere that immediately makes guests feel more relaxed and eager to join in.
  • Suitable for various occasions such as networking events, more formal parties, weddings and store openings.
  • Artists can invite guests to join and dance.
  • The performance is possible with or without live jazz music.
  • Performers have the option to adapt to the music at different speeds with fast steps, pirouettes and jumps.